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Advantages of zirconia teeth

I. Transparent appearance is closer to real teeth

The opacity of ordinary porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns needs to cover the metal base, which affects the transparency of the restoration. And the metal base is easy to cause black lines, which affects the appearance.

All-ceramic teeth use a high-strength inner crown with good transparency and refraction to solve this shortcoming, so as to achieve a better aesthetic effect.

II. No wear

Porcelain teeth are harder than enamel, which is an advantage and a disadvantage, which may cause wear and tear on the opposing teeth. The hardness of all-ceramic teeth is the same as that of enamel

The hardness is similar, which solves the problem of causing wear.

III. There will be no "black line" problem of gums

The metal crowns of porcelain teeth oxidize in the mouth to form gray oxides that, once deposited on the gum margins, cause graying and affect their appearance. The inner crown of all-ceramic teeth completely avoids this problem.

IV. Keeps Gums Healthy

The metal of some porcelain teeth can cause serious irritation to the gums, causing swelling and bleeding of the gums, and even a small number of people are allergic to precious metals; there are basically no allergic cases of all-ceramic teeth.

V. Combination of inner and outer crowns

The combination of metal and porcelain is a relatively weak link in the restoration of porcelain teeth, and it is often seen that the porcelain and metal peel off, exposing the gray-black metal! For all-ceramic teeth, both the inner and outer crowns are made of porcelain and will not fall off.


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